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Episode 50 – The Crystal Ball Returns

14 January, 20102 comments

For our golden anniversary podcast, regulars Tom, Mills, and Dan look into their crystal ball to see what the future holds for 2010 and the coming decade. We also look back at the biggest stories of 2009 and the prior decade. Via Twitter, we also share prognostications from our very smart audience.

Running time: 1:01:18
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Episode 35 – Top Ten of 2008

19 December, 20083 comments

Dan, Mills, and Tom round out 2008 with the top ten most significant stories, trends, and technologies of the year. The regulars discuss how netbooks, Google Books, e-books, and iPhones made 2008 a year to remember. What will make the list in 2009? The regulars offer some predictions as well.

Running time: 51:30
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Episode 18 – Top Ten of 2007

24 December, 20071 comment

The regulars close out the first calendar year of Digital Campus with a countdown of the top stories of 2007. In a year when lines formed for the iPhone, social networking went mainstream, Vista battled with Leopard (and XP), and virtual worlds beckoned, find out which stories made Mills, Tom, and Dan’s top ten list. What flew, what fizzled, and what will 2008 hold for technology at universities, libraries, and museums? We reveal the answers on our year end special.

Running time: 53:32
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