Episode 01 – Wikipedia: Friend or Foe?

6 March, 200710 comments

In our inaugural podcast our feature story covers the controversy over whether Wikipedia is a useful or problematic resource for students. In the news roundup, we wonder if the launch of Windows Vista has any significance, ponder the rise of Google Docs as an alternative to Word, and cover recent stories about Blackboard‘s patents and their social bookmarking site, Scholar.com. And at the end of the podcast, we share links to the best wiki software and sites on digital maps and books.

Featuring: Dan Cohen, Mills Kelly, Tom Scheinfeldt

Running time: 40:25

Download the .mp3

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10 comments to “Episode 01 – Wikipedia: Friend or Foe?”

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  2. Bill Andrews : 2nd April, 2007

    I tried to download the MP3 file from episode 2, but there’s no “save target” option when I right click with my PC. Did you build this link to block downloads?

    Also, I looked at episode 1 and don’t even see an MP3 link/download option. I’d love to hear your podcasts, but need to go mobile–so would appreciate the download option!

    Bill Andrews
    GMU, Hist 697

  3. Tom Scheinfeldt : 2nd April, 2007

    Bill — your best bet is clicking the “subscribe” link. That will take you to a page that allows you to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, Odeo, and other clients. If you want to download single episodes, simply right click on the “play now” links on this page. Let us know if you have any further problems.

    — Tom

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  6. Fabian Prieto : 20th August, 2007


    I begin to listen all your podcasts. I love that you propose the use of wikipedia in the classroom. We have already done it and it is begining to work. In that way, Tom´s approach to wikipedia, is very interesting. We have to use spanish version of wikipedia, and there are little changes, but generally speaking, we have to teach particular writing and reading skills. We begin by teaching the discussion and the history tabs.

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