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Episode 11 – Risky Business? Blogs on Campus, Part II (fixed)

25 August, 20072 comments

We continue our discussion of blogging, this time with a closer look at the challenges and difficulties of starting and maintaining a blog, attracting and keeping an audience, and making sure it doesn’t get in the way of other academic pursuits. In the news roundup, we compare the iPhone and Facebook platforms, examine two software projects that mine Wikipedia for trustworthiness, and wonder once again if anyone is home in Second Life.

Case Western Finds Few Takers in Second Life
Hackers Make the iPhone Better
Wikipedia Trust Tool
Firefox Campus Edition
Museum Blogs directory
The Hawaii Nisei Story

Running time: 49:04

[Apologies for the audio quality this week. We were affected by the problems Skype has been having.]

[Update: Further technical difficulties led to a gap in the audio. Apologies again. Please update your versions.]

Download the .mp3.

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