Episode 29 – Making It Count

3 July, 20088 comments

As forms of scholarship move from the analog world of paper to the digital realm of the web, a debate has begun about how to give credit—if at all—to these new forms for the purposes of promotion and tenure. What will happen to peer review? What kinds of digital work should “count,” and how? That’s the featured discussion on this episode. We also cover the launch of Firefox 3, university presses putting their books on Amazon’s Kindle device, and the release of better copyright records.

Links mentioned on the podcast:
Google publishes copyright status of books from 1923-1963
U.S. Copyright Office Record Search
Mills on “Making Digital Scholarship Count”
Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage
Creative Commons Case Studies
MozillaZine on “about:config”

Running time: 44:02
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8 comments to “Episode 29 – Making It Count”

  1. Marjorie McLellan : 5th July, 2008

    Stanford University also offers a searchable database of copyright renewals from 1923 to 1963.

    Thanks for the discussion of “making it count.”

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