Episode 33 – Classroom Action Settlement

31 October, 20085 comments

The big news this week was the announcement that a settlement had been reached between Google and authors and publishers over Google’s controversial Book Search program, which has scanned over seven million volumes, including many books that are still copyrighted. The Digital Campus team takes a first pass at the agreement and tries to understand how it might affect higher ed. Other news from a busy week include the release of the first phone based on Google’s Android operating system, and Microsoft’s conversion to “cloud” computing. Picks for this podcast include a new report on teenagers and videogames, a new version of Linux for the masses, and a program to help you focus on the Mac.

Links mentioned on the podcast:
Google Book Search Settlement Agreement
Open Library
Think for the Mac
Microsoft Azure
Pew report on teens and videogames

Running time: 49:29
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5 comments to “Episode 33 – Classroom Action Settlement”

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  4. Mauricio Argote-Cortes : 13th November, 2008

    At least for the last 10 episodes or so, I have followed your podcasts, and I have to congratulate you all. Great job!

    Thanks for introducing Linux in your discussions. I believe both Linux and Mac can do a good deal of great things.

    When you mentioned about the AI in Linux, it reminded me about Mac’s DEVONThink AI. Have you talked about it in your previous apps picks?

    Recently, a DT user (not me) posted some ideas that may be of interest for people in the humanities and history (BTW, I am in Sciences, but many of the issues you discuss in your episodes can have cross-discipline relevance).

    Have a look into:


    My dream would be to streamline Zotero and DT together, so that both could “see” what the other database has. Obviously, the main problem is Firefox built. But it’s just a comment 🙂

    Keep up with the great episodes!

    Toronto, ON, Canada

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