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Episode 44 – Unsettled

30 September, 20098 comments

In this installment of Digital Campus, we couldn’t decide if we were happy with Google or mad at Google. Tom, Dan, and Mills were so confused about our feelings on the whole Google issue that we invited two new “irregulars” to join us — Jeff McClurken and Amanda French — but they proved to be just as unsettled as we were. Even though they didn’t help us much on our core problem, we enjoyed having them on the show so much that we’ve decided to ask them back on the show again along with some other irregulars to be named later. All five of us also discussed the future of libraries in the digital age and a new raft of picks you should check out.

Links mentioned on the podcast:
Libraries of the Future conference
Google study tips
Invincible Cities
Planned Obsolescence
TED talk: Schools Kill Creativity
TED talk: The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen
Jeff McClurken and Tim O’Donnell’s seminar using TED talks
Social Media Governance

Running time: 51:01
Download the .mp3

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Episode 43 – Summer Wrap-up

14 September, 20097 comments

The Digital Campus team is delighted to be back after a summer hiatus with a new podcast covering the many important developments from the past few months related to academia, libraries, museums, and technology. We cover and make pointed (and occasionally wisecracking) commentary upon the status of the Google Books settlement, ebook readers, and cameras on student devices, among other topics. We also cover shiny new things like Google Wave, RSSCloud, and PubSubHubbub. Picks include a new blog, an article on the future of journals, and how to take command of the command line. We’re looking forward to another year of the podcast, and hope you are too!

Other links mentioned on the podcast:
Sugar on a Stick
Learning Unix
Is There a Future for Journals in the Humanities?
Cool-er ebook reader

Running time: 50:21
Download the .mp3

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