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Episode 49 – The Twouble with Twecklers

7 December, 20095 comments

Does Twitter make conferences more productive, less hierarchical, and more friendly, or does it just give new voice to confidence-crushing comments from the peanut gallery? Steve joins Mills, Dan, and Tom to talk about the phenomenon of “twecklers” and Google’s efforts to speed up the Web, including a SPDY internet protocol, a new DNS (Domain Name System) service, and a new systems programming language. And, by popular demand, we bring back our picks of the podcast.

Links mentioned on the podcast:
Danah Boyd on Twecklers
Conference Humiliation from the Chronicle of Higher Education
The Overbite Project brings Gopher to Firefox
The Art of Community, by Jono Bacon
Zotero File Storage

Running Time: 53:53
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