Episode 50 – The Crystal Ball Returns

14 January, 20102 comments

For our golden anniversary podcast, regulars Tom, Mills, and Dan look into their crystal ball to see what the future holds for 2010 and the coming decade. We also look back at the biggest stories of 2009 and the prior decade. Via Twitter, we also share prognostications from our very smart audience.

Running time: 1:01:18
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2 comments to “Episode 50 – The Crystal Ball Returns”

  1. Rick : 16th January, 2010

    Great show. Do you have a link to the article you mentioned on Google Books?

  2. The iPad and the Historian « Sean Kheraj, Canadian History & Environment : 28th January, 2010

    […] the last episode of the Digital Campus podcast, the co-hosts all seemed to agree in their predictions for 2010 that mobile technologies […]

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