Episode 51 – The Inevitable iPad

28 January, 20104 comments

Jennifer Howard of The Chronicle of Higher Education joins the podcast as the regulars give Dan a rest and Tom takes a turn at hosting for the first time. On the morrow of the big Apple announcement, the Digital Campus crew offers its thoughts on the possible impact of the iPad for teaching, publishing, and research. In other news, the Cornell library asks fellow institutions to pony up to help with costs of maintaining ArXiv.org, Flickr Commons closes its doors to new members until 2011, and publishers make more money by dropping copy protection.

Also mentioned on the podcast:
Monty Python’s free web video increased DVD sales by 23,000 percent
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5 Ways the Apple iPad Could Change e-Books
The Public Domain Manifesto
Google Editions Embraces Universal E-book Format
Collections in the Cloud?
MuseumMobile Pocast

Running Time: 51:26
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4 comments to “Episode 51 – The Inevitable iPad”

  1. Dan Cohen’s Digital Humanities Blog » Blog Archive » Digital Campus Podcasts #46-51 : 2nd February, 2010

    […] and Mills Kelly, will assume these duties (along with me) on a rotating basis starting with Digital Campus #51, “The Inevitable iPad.” In addition, we’ve been joined by a rotation of “irregulars” who greatly liven up […]

  2. Peter Hirtle : 6th February, 2010

    Thanks for the discussion on the difficulties of sustaining web resources. You may want to look at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which established a similar model to ArXiv (a combination of voluntary membership and endowments). You can contrast that model with the Institute of Historical Research, which as of 1 Jan. has dropped free access to the Royal Historical Society Bibliography and instead sold it to Brepols, which is now offering subscriptions at an expensive rate for large institutions.

  3. Clickers as Essential Elements of the 21st Century Classroom? : 20th July, 2010

    […] on educational technology. Sure, e-book readers are all the rage these days and there are plenty of people in academia talking about the potential of e-textbooks.  Blogs and wikis get a lot of attention, […]

  4. Owen Bell : 9th September, 2010

    i gave my girlfriend an ipad and she was very very happy*;~

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