Episode 79 – The 2011 Campies

21 December, 20112 comments

Roll out the red carpet, because it’s time once again for the Campies, Digital Campus’s beloved year-end review of what has passed and what is to come. Tom, Amanda, Mills, and Dan reveal their picks for the best and worst of the year, and shine their crystal balls to predict with vague and partially satisfying accuracy what will come in 2012. And the Digital Campus accountants force the podcast crew to be accountable for last year’s predictions. Were they right on or way off? Listen in to find out.

[Editor’s note: We recorded this podcast on December 16, 2011, but released it on December 21. On December 19, MIT announced something directly related to Dan’s prediction for 2012. Dan had no prior knowledge of this announcement but is looking forward to the 2012 year-in-review so he can gloat.]

Links mentioned on the podcast:

Whitehouse RFP on Digital Data
DML Competition
Cathy Davidson on badges
Eric Hellman on libraries and purchasing
Gates Foundation – Post-Secondary Education
MLA – New Office of Scholarly Communication

Running time: 51.23
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