Episode #106 – Back to the Future of Digital Humanities

15 September, 20144 comments

Stephen Robertson hosted this episode and was joined by the whole crew of Dan Cohen, Amanda French, Mills Kelly, and Tom Scheinfeldt, as well as the digital history fellows, Anne Ladyem McDivitt and Alyssa Toby Fahringer, as producers. Important upcoming trends in digital humanities and educational technology were discussed, as well as the ongoing struggles of utilizing technologies on campus and their value to academia. The conversation then moved to the changing nature of Twitter. The group debated the usefulness of Twitter and the purpose it fulfills in an academic environment. Dan also laments his struggles with being the go-to historian for Answers.com.

Changes in Twitter

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Jim Groom of Reclaim Hosting responded via blogpost to Tom Scheinfeldt’s suggestion that digital media cannot be taught in an online capacity: “Catching Up with Reclaim Hosting”

Running time: 45:57
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  4. Joe B. : 16th October, 2014

    Regarding LMSs, and using free/open source options, check out LTI. A really important. rapidly growing standard that all major LMSs now support. It allows all of these outside tools to connect to push and pull data from an LMS. This allows for some basic use of the LMS (for grades) but connect to lots of other tools without additional logins required. Also options for portability of courses between LMSs.



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