Episode #112 – Digital Campus Classic

23 March, 2015No comments

Along with Dan Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt, Mills Kelly hosted this classic episode of Digital Campus devoted entirely to technology. Mills, Dan, and Tom discussed the demise of Internet Explorer and IE’s replacement, Spartan, which is meant to complement and facilitate Microsoft’s new operating system. Then the discussion moved to the Apple watch and how such a technology might be adapted for higher education. In continuing with the Apple theme, Mills, Dan, and Tom then talked about the new MacBook that is going to have only one port. Mills reminded the listeners that Steve Jobs is in fact dead, and that creating a laptop with USB drives is an acceptable enterprise. The podcast wrapped up after Mills brought up the Maker Movements. Digital History Fellows Anne Ladyem McDivitt and Alyssa Toby Fahringer produced this podcast.


Internet Explorer

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Tim Moynihan, “Life with the MacBook’s Single Port Won’t Be Easy – Yet,” Wired, March 16, 2015.

Apple ResearchKit

Chris Mills, “Will.I.Am Finally Found a Customer for his Smartwatch: Gucci,” Gizmodo, March 19, 2015. 

“Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard,” The Onion.

Maker Faires

NoVa Mini Maker Faire

Maker Faires Around the World


Running time: 39:42

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