Episode 83 – Spring Broke

16 March, 20122 comments

Get out your sunglasses and tanning lotion, because it’s time for the spring break edition of the podcast. Tom, Mills, Amanda, and Dan bask in the warm retina-screen glow of the new iPad and wonder if tablets are about to take over the classroom. We revisit our slightly mocking pronunciation of certain new online education start-ups, and whether their model of video instruction actually instructs. Finally, we pour libations for the print edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Links mentioned on the podcast:
Tablet Ownership Triples Among Students
ASU Professors Sue Over Online Course Ownership
Khan Academy releases iPad app
TED, Known for Idea Talks, Releases Educational Videos
Universities Cracking Down On Social Media
Spring Break Gets Tamer
Encyclopaedia Britannica Halts Print Edition

Running time: 48:53
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2 comments to “Episode 83 – Spring Broke”

  1. Benoît Melançon : 17th March, 2012

    In the wake of your segment on the Britannica, what do you make of Google’s decision to stop Knol, its online encyclopedia project (https://knol-redirects.appspot.com/faq.html) ?

  2. Amanda French : 21st March, 2012

    Huh, interesting, Benoît — I hadn’t seen that. I’m not at all surprised, of course. I guess Google has been doing a lot of this kind of housecleaning lately, so I doubt it’s related to the Britannica announcement, but both stories do indicate just how much of a monopoly Wikipedia has in the online encyclopedia “market.”

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