Episode 92 – After the Storm

2 November, 20122 comments

The regulars welcome the new month with a discussion of last month’s emphatic district court ruling in favor of HathiTrust in the Authors Guild’s copyright infringement case against the digital library project. We also discuss the potential and potential pitfalls of the ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) project and the official launch of Windows 8. We close with a discussion of (what else?) Star Wars.

Links mentioned on the podcast:

ā€˜Uā€™ wins copyright lawsuit against Hathitrust digitalization project, The Michigan Daily
A Legal Sweep, Inside Higher Ed
ORCID Launches Registry
What’s In A Name, Melissa Terras’s Blog
How to Make Windows 8 Look Like Windows 7, CNET UK
Why Is Dad So Mad
Weird Al, The Saga Begins [YouTube]

Running time: 38:27
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With very best wishes to our listeners and friends affected by Sandy — Tom, Amanda, Dan, and Mills

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2 comments to “Episode 92 – After the Storm”

  1. Rick : 3rd November, 2012

    Great show as usual.
    I think you mean “affected” by Sandy!

  2. David Bigwood : 8th November, 2012

    I think you may have been too general in your comments about the ORCHID registry and disambiguation not being a concern to researchers. I gave a poster a few years back at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) letting researchers know that the Library of Congress (LC) would accommodate their wishes in name formation and the benefits of a unique name. Young post-docs found this something of interest. The older, tenured, well-established researchers weren’t interested. I know some of the post-docs acted on my suggestions.

    Notice that my poster was on LC changing names to suit the writer. I think I heard that someone said that the form of the name chosen was out of the writers hands. Not so. Just sent an e-mail to LC or even better get your library to send off the change request. The author’s wishes are almost always granted.

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